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LAZARES has provided exceptional customer service for over 95 years. Having a large vault for cold storage, a workroom for repairs & restyles and a cleaning plant all on site make us very unique in this business.


Known for our furs, it starts with our cold storage vaults. Our temperature and climate controlled vaults house many coats, jackets and accessories. It is good to store your fur garments in the summer months to help extend the longevity of your garment and preserve the oils in the skins.
The cost to store your garment in our vaults is $75, which includes pick and delivery in selected areas. *prices vary.


Another service we provide is cleaning your garment. This can include anything from furs, leathers, shearlings and wools to UGG Australia boots. We do it all! The cleaning process includes glazing, conditioning & steaming in order to get the perfect clean for your garment.
Prices vary depending on the type of garment but our standard fur cleaning rate is $65.


When your garment comes in for storage, our furrier will do a full inspection of your garment and recommend any needed repairs. We also accept drops in for any potential repairs from rips, lining repairs, buttons, hooks, monograms and more. Even if you don’t know exactly what needs to be done, bring it to us and we will assess and give you our professional recommendation on what should be done.


Sometimes your garment might need a change. If so, a remodel might be a good option in which case our sales team will sit down with you and go over every option possible that will transform your garment into something you will be happy with. Sometimes it is something as small as a shortening, other times it’s a total transformation that will have you thinking you’ve got a brand new coat!


Another service that we provide to new customers that are purchasing a garment from us for the first time is a protection plan. If you’ve had your garment for a while now, that’s OK too. An insurance plan for your valuable is a great way to protect against loss or theft. Lazares along with Lloyd’s of London will keep you protected with worldwide coverage for full replacement for the appraised value of your garment.